Exclude archived projects from advanced search

Hi @Daksh_Mehta - I recommend that you read this Asana Guide article about archived projects.

Please let us know if you have follow up questions.

Hi @Alexis I’ve been having the same type of issue. Unfortunately, the guide you referred isn’t much help here. I cannot delete these projects as we may need them for reference in the future, but it doesn’t explain how to exclude archived projects from filters. Do you have any other suggestions?

Strange this wasn’t answered.

We’re creating an advance search (report), but we want to exclude search results from projects that have been archived.

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+1 for this feature request. It just pile up lots of unwanted tasks long back and project is also archived.


Another +1 for this. Please add this to the advanced search filters!

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+1 for this feature request

Also +1 for this feature. We currently work around by creating another team, moving projects when they are done to that team, and then excluding that team from the work. But since our project list is so long, it takes a while to move them.

My manager (the CEO of our company) asked me to produce reports on incomplete/overdue tasks on a weekly and monthly basis, as well as reports on upcoming tasks. However, I noticed that archived projects are also included in these reports.

This actually prevents us from using the Reports area as a whole because it completely skews the report and includes tasks that are irrelevant. There is really no way around this unless you completely delete a project, which we don’t want to do. Normally we archive projects that are either completed or, more often, projects that are on hold or that have been cancelled, but that we do not want to delete from the records.

Having the incomplete tasks from these projects show in the Reporting area doesn’t make any sense for us. We would really love to have an option to “exclude Archived projects” from Reports whenever we need to do this. I feel like other companies using Asana would appreciate this as well.Thank you.


Hey @Ceren_Efe, welcome to the forum :wave:

Have you considered moving archived projects to a separate Asana team?
Read more about this here: Reports showing archived projetcs - #2 by Jerod_Hillard

And I also recommend to upvote here

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Hey @Andrea_Mayer Thanks for merging my post with this forum.

I run my reports by All projects assigned to me. We have many teams so it is a bit tedious to create a team just for archived projects, continuously put them in there and then run reports by specific teams instead of just “Assigned to me”. I also feel like it sort of defeats the purpose of keeping projects under certain teams to begin with, because it all ends up going to the same place. Our teams are departmental. I’ve voted for this feature ! I think it’s really important to have.

A decent work-around which I haven’t seen posted is to create a new team that is specifically for archived projects and templates. Then in ‘advanced search > add filter > in teams’ lets you you select the team you want your search results pulled from. As long as you aren’t a search across teams this options functions nicely.

That said, this feature is a fairly standard function in so many data systems (I use quickbooks and this is a checkbox at the bottom of every search). Can’t imagine why this takes 4 years.

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I strongly agree that we need this feature to have the option to NOT INCLUDE archived projects. Can we have that in the next update of ASANA ??


Add the option to exclude archived projects from search results.
If I would like to see those tasks all the time, I would not have archived it.

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Have this worked for you?
I see some bug going on the Advanced Search right now for me.

I moved all my Archived projects to a new team, but even when I search for tasks only on my “Active” Team, it is still showing tasks/projects inside the “Archive” Project - which is really frustrating.

We have an Asana org with years of dev work, most of it we need for historical accountability/tracking purposes but never want it in a search.
Our eng team is debating on switching to jira just to get a fresh search bucket, which initially we pushed back on - but now if we can’t globally exclude archived project tickets it seems more feasible to just bit the switch pain - our other option only seems to be exporting all the archived projects and deleting them permanently?
Any other ideas here?

@Mike_Green2 can you share an exact use case where archived projects get in the way? I have a few ideas, but wanted to check your use case first.

@Bastien_Siebman like most other replies above,

Same here. The reports are useless as is.

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@Bastien_Siebman , thanks for the reply.
I have an archived project from 2020, “Old project” which contains a ticket “add widget2 to page4”
I have a current project “New project” which contains a ticket “bug in widget2”

When I search for “widget2”, I get the results from “Old project” which I want to exclude by default, as to only see timely/relevant things right now.

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Just came across this issue. What is the status for this simple improvement? I need this asap. the work around is cumbersome and not realistic to maintain.

We have no news from Asana on this topic. They usually don’t share about their roadmap.