Excel links to Asana tasks not functioning

I’ve set up a Board with multiple tasks per section that I need linked to an excel sheet.
Copied each task link to the excel sheet, which appears fine.

Once you click through in Excel, the following task pop up appears.
‘Unable to open Log in - Asana download the information you requested.’

However, if we copy the hyperlink within Excel and paste into browser, it loads fine.
I’d like to get around having to copy and paste externally as I know colleagues won’t do this on a project upon implementation.
Any advice welcome.

As an update to the above.
Uploaded the xls file to SharePoint and all links work within browsers (tested on Edge and Chrome).
There just seems to be an asana link connection issue if using a desktop excel app.

I’d also be interested if anyone could advise on if an Asana task is completed, this translates to a Cell Style applied in excel (online on SharePoint).

Exact same issue. Only Asana URL’s will not open in Excel desktop version on Windows. The links work fine Excel Web, and even when opening in Teams. Other links open fine on Excel desktop for Windows.

Actually, this worked for me, but I can apply registry settings to everyone in the company, so not a real solution. Cannot locate the Internet or proxy server when selecting hyperlink in Office - Office | Microsoft Docs