🔗 Create a hyperlink to an Asana Task through a MS Excel Integration

This tip comes as a fast follow :running_woman: to one earlier this week: MS Excel Integration for Portfolios

If you are connecting Asana Project data to MS Excel, as described in the link above, then you might uncover that a Task URL is not provided. No worries! if you know the Project ID then you can recreate this link using a function in Excel.

First, locate the Project ID from the web address within Asana. The format of the web address is as follows:

https://app.asana.com/0/1234567890123456/9876543210987654 where:

  • 1234567890123456 represents the Project ID and
  • 9876543210987654 represents the Task ID

Note the Project ID and place it in cell Z1 (as an example). Your first Task ID would be represented in cell A2. If this is the case your formula to generate an Asana Hyperlink for task in row 2 would be:

=HYPERLINK("https://app.asana.com/0/"&$A2&"/"&$Z$1,"Asana Link")

You would then simply copy this formula vertically to generate a link for each line item (task)

Please Note: There is an extra step in order for your Task ID to show properly. Please see Obtaining the correct Task ID in MS Excel when connecting data from a Web Source for more details on how to correct this issue through a dynamic MS Excel integration.

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