Saved search report does not yield task links

I run saved searches and pull the csvs for stakeholders – but I have to manually add the task links into the report since it only pulls Task IDs. Is there a way to pull a report of task links?

I tried using the below function in excel to pull the task ID into a URL for me, but the task ID does not exactly match the actual URL so they URLs don’t work (imagine my project # where it says project #). For example, a task link that populates in the report ends in 200 but the actual URL when I click the link icon on the task ends in 208.

=CONCATENATE(“Log in - Asana[project #]/”,A2,“/f”)

Welcome, @Sarah_DeLena,

It might be that your A2 field in your spreadsheet (Excel?) is truncating as a number; make the column of those fields text.

Or, use my Asana2Go, which outputs the links automatically: