Estimation of a task = sum of estimates of all subtask

The efforts of a task should be ideally equal to the total efforts of all the subtasks within that task. For instance TaskA has 5 subtasks each of which takes an hour to accomplish, then the total effort for TaskA has to be 5 and this should be automatically updated. Currently Asana allows us to add estimates for both tasks and sub tasks. This would duplicate the efforts in metrics or dashboards.

Also when the column for the efforts is added within the project, the summation of estimates includes both task and subtask estimates which will duplicate the total efforts.

In case a task doesn’t have subtasks, this can be ignored.


I think the reality is a bit more complex, and I can see many cases where we don’t want the subtasks to be summed into their parent… This is a complex topic :sweat_smile:

That may be true.
This being said, I can see only benefits of having it as an option for those of us who would like to see the subtasks summed up into their parent.

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Any option makes the tool more complex: to use, to explain, to test, to document…