Estimated Time on Sub Tasks

It would be great to add the estimated time on sub tasks.

It’s great to see tasks estimated time but often, I have a task that will last a couple of weeks with subtasks breaking the task down into detail.
When I plan my weeks I like to highlight all the tasks I’m doing and see the total time but, sub tasks aren’t taken into account because there is no time assigned.

It would be really useful to be able to estimate on subtasks and have them roll up into the parent task estimation number. Not having this feature makes using the subtasks a challenge as we cannot perform proper resource planning.

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This is a well known issue: subtasks don’t inherit anything from their parent task, they are not part of any project unless you make them.

Hi folks,

We already have a thread on this topic, so I’ve gone ahead and merged this post with the existing conversation we have! I’ll keep you posted on this main thread when I have an update on my end!


The new grid view is almost there now. We’re now able to quickly add subtasks to a parent task, making the breakdown and estimation process very smooth. The entire section automatically rolls up and displays a total estimation for the section in the bottom – very nice! Adding subtasks this way will circumnavigate the whole Custom fields needed on subtasks issue, letting me add an estimation to the subtask without manually having to add the subtask to the project the parent task is in. Very nice!

There are two things that still are dealbreakers for me that I need a fix for.

  1. First and foremost, in order to gain a better overview of the project, I need to be able to roll up the sum of estimated time on subtasks onto its parent task. I see a couple of approaches:

A) Display rolled up time only when subtasks are minimized.
B) Always display rolled up time, but let the user click in the cell and add additional estimation to the parent task, which would be added to the total sum, along with the rolled up values from the child tasks.

  1. Second, while I love the expand/minimize subtasks feature in the grid view, I cant understand why you chose to only allow this in a single hierarchical level. I would like to be able to nest multiple layers of subtasks to gain a granular view of the project. For example, creating a Milestone (e.g. a sprint or an epic, for example) and grouping many tasks inside it. However, when I tried that I noticed that the “expand subtasks” feature only allowed me to expand a single hierarchical level. In addition, it removed the automatic column summary, as if the subtasks nested 2 layers deep weren’t recognized anymore:

@Marie, is the team aware of these issues? Do you have any idea whether fixes for the aforementioned two problems are on the roadmap?