Error when validating email

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: Error when trying to accept an invitation to collaborate (my team, i entered with Gmail and managed but all my team with our domains has this problem)

Steps to reproduce: Invite someone to a project; click the “Accept Invite” link and then you’ll get a server error.

Browser version: Chrome and Safari

What version of Asana are you using (Basic/Premium/Business/Enterprise)?: Basic

Upload screenshots below:

Hi @Abrasa, welcome to the Community Forum :wave:

Thanks for your post! Please note that for security reasons, new users can sometimes encounter this error if their domain is unknown to Asana and they are trying to register for the first time.

The issue generally resolves itself within 24 hours. If the problem persists after 24 hours, could you please clear your cache and update your browser, or try again using an incognito window?

If you continue to run into trouble, just let us know! It would be helpful to attach any additional error phrases or relevant screenshots.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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