Error message - daily email that I can't resolve

I keep getting the following email - daily - and I can’t seem to find the answer to how to resolve it. I am not using any APIs as far as I know - do connections to extensions like Chrome or IFTTT cause this?

Subject Line The Asana connector created by (my email eddress) needs to be replaced.

You will no longer receive updates from the Asana connector created by (my email address) due to an unrecoverable error. To restore service, visit the connector management page, remove the connector configuration, and re-create it with valid information.

Hmm I haven’t seen this email before. What is the source email address? Is it an email from [something]

Thanks for pointing me to the from address. It didn’t have one “showing”. It just said the word Asana. I looked at the header and it said it came from me. I figured out that i had an extension in Outlook 365. I created an account with my work email, but stopped using it. The permission must have expired. I went into it and changed it to my gmail account and presto. All is good in the world. Thanks again!

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