Endless Subtask Frustrations

My team, like so many other Asana users, are so frustrated by the limitations of the Subtask feature. There are 2 aspects of this work management system that I would consider as mission-critical and that Subtasks are unable to integrate with:

  • Timeline
  • Project association when filtering in My Tasks

Asana is not listening very well to their customers and loyal users about this topic - at least what I’ve seen in my Community Forum research.

It’s extremely disappointing that I’ve had to revert to looking for an alternate work management solution because of these Asana Subtask issues. Please help us by helping us. Please.

They are listening, you just don’t know what they are doing in the background. We know for a fact they talk about this very often, they might even run some tests we don’t know about.

That’s a shame you have to walk away because of this issue. Did you consider posting on the existing threads for those 2 topics?

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Hi @TheDave, to add to Bastien’s response I recommend you upvote the below feedback requests:

This has been complained about since 2017. So my confidence that it’s a top priority just isn’t there, unfortunately.

Thanks Rebecca. I’ve already upvoted those 2 threads a while back.

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