Employee Performance and Recognition + 360 Reviews plug in

One thing Asana is missing is a component for team member recognition and performance tracking. At minimal, there should be an option to give a team member some sort of Positive or Negative feedback that would be tracked and could be recalled in a report my managers and team leaders. This could be a major component to Performance Evaluations along with a plug in for 360 reviews from peers, managers etc.

Hi @Adam_McWilliams, thanks for reaching out!

I believe you can achieve this using 1:1 projects, see more details in our Ways to Use Asana articles here:

You can try using tasks to provide feedback and those tasks can be multi-homed in other projects where only the manager have access so they can have performance tracking.

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I saw that and understand how we could use it for a 1:1 meeting, but it does not answer the question in regards to Surveys and Performance feedback such as evaluations and 360 reviews. It would seem that there would be a plug-in or integration for this feature to seamlessly work within Asana. All programs such as Lattice for example, would create redundant workload in meetings, action items, and goal management as Asana has most of that built in.

What is your solution for the review side of things? Is there a Surveymonkey Integration?

Thanks for getting back to me, @Adam_McWilliams! I see there is a Surveymonkey integration with Zapier and you can create new Asana tasks from SurveyMonkey responses.

Alternatively, you can use Asana Forms to create surveys: Forms • Asana

Thank you. Just a question for you, does your team find it more effective to do performance management within Asana, or are you using a 3rd party platform such as Lattice?

Hi Adam, how are you?

I’m curious if you ever were able to find a solution to integrating 360 Reviews into Asana. I’m researching this as well. We’re using 15Five that incorporates 360 performance evaluations, but we’re looking for a solution that tracks and feeds Asana tasks directly into these evaluations. Haven’t had any luck thus far.

Maybe you found some workarounds?

We found a unique program called Motivosity that provides a dynamic way of obtaining data for reviews and provides great tools for recognition. I would recommend reviewing this product as it has a lot of great features. That being said, we do NOT integrate it with Asana in any real way and use it solely on its own to manage employee performance and feedback.

I would be ideal if Asana would Partner with a company of this nature and provide an integration for performance management as that is one aspect that is sort of missing from Asana where it would be very natural to have it incorporated.

Thanks a lot, Adam! Have a wonderful week!