Adding review to profile

I think it might be great to add a stars review for each user. This will be useful for the big company that has more than 100 workers. And you always know who to contact to get the work done.

The other thing that I am after is the performance score: it just a number of tasks completed. This will give the manager to find out who perform the best.

I am growing company that might had up to 500 workers. Thanks

The other thing that I am looking forward to is “make announcement” button, like calling for emergency meeting etc.


Human Ressources will love your suggestion :rofl: this is actually forbidden in several countries.

I usually find this to be a dangerous metric, it will push people to create smaller and smaller tasks.

I am operating down here in NZ. Don’t see why not. (not worth chopping the whole forests down the cause of one tree) I am pretty sure Asana can cater for a bit of customisation with their great developers.

  1. we can have moderator
  2. each tasks can link to some sorts of costs/points that are maintained by moderators

Welcome, @Thomas_Chen_Sheng_La,

This is currently available as an Enterprise plan feature: