Do you use Asana to track successes/positive feedback for performance reviews?

My company is doing annual performance reviews for the first time this year. I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that I’m not doing the best job at recording instances of positive feedback or “wins” I’ve achieved in the past year.

Does anyone use Asana for this purpose? And if you do, can you explain your method?

Hey @Alison_Palmer,

Have you seen this blog post with templates already? That could be helpful.
And this 8 Steps to Create a Performance Evaluation Template • Asana

Now we do this regularly too. The thing is when reports should be prepared at a specific time you might not remember everything anymore. So we actually have subtasks, within every team member onboarding task, within our HR projects/team.
The subtasks are multi-homed in a separate project where only performance review tasks are stored.
Now whenever any of the coordinators spot any special achievements they update these tasks directly with screenshots and info on what was achieved and why it was special.
We do the same for mistakes also though (major problems or mistakes made)

This allows us to be able to have a nice overview whenever we need to prepare a detailed report.

Now for special achievements we even have specific projects with relevant team members added where we celebrate wins basically.
So a project with all customer service reps where we regularly post stuff about a special review written by a customer, really well done response or similar things.

I hope that helps