Emoji's Color, Why must I select every time?

You are logged in as yourself. The emoji color should set when selected once, not every time.

Hello @Kristina_Wright,
do you refer to the profile icon or something else?
Here is a relevant feedback request thread if you are referring to the profile icons.

Re: Comment field. I find I have to select the color circle each time I utilize the emojis (obviously regarding the people/ hand emojis). It would be helpful to not have to select a new color each time. Just saying. It’s like on a mobile device, how often does one change the color of their hand or people emoji’s when referring to themselves? Maybe I am out of the loop of things…just a suggestion.

Oh I see what you mean.

I have just tested this myself and I cannot reproduce this issue. Works well for me. When I select a hand in a specific skin colour and want to use the same emoji under another task it stays the same and I do not have to select it every time.

If you have tried the troubleshooting steps and it is still the same I recommend reaching out to Asana Support with information about the operating system that you are using, your PC and ideally a video would help as well.

They will be able to investigate this further

It only sets for one day. That is not really convenient or functional to have to preset every day your colour…it should stay as your colour never changes. It just would make more sense to the users in my opinion. If we are trying to be with the tomes/ DEI, then we shouldn’t have to set the colour on the daily basis with the automatic setting being generic. If there are options for different colors then they should stick when you chose once. Especially if it is your login/ account. Just makes sense, in my opinion. Thanks!

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