Add a "Recently used" section to emoji picker

I would like Asana to add a “Recently used” section to their emoji picker.

In just about every other SaaS app or messaging service that supports emojis, there is some sort of “Recently used” section, which makes for quick and easy access to your most heavily-used emojis.

As someone who is a frequent-but-tasteful emoji user to keep my comments and tasks lighthearted, I find it rather annoying that every single time I go to add an emoji in Asana, I need to re-find or search the one I want, even if it’s one that I’ve used it dozens of times before, rather than just having a persistent “Recently used” section at the top of the picker.

As I mentioned above, adding this feature would simply be bringing Asana’s picker to parity with just about every other app and messaging service we’re used to nowadays that support emojis.


PS - Having the skin-tone picker at the bottom of the emoji selector persist your selected skin tone and not always reset itself would be nice too :ok_hand:

Screenshot 2023-08-29 at 10.00.26 AM