Embracing the new age of agility: the Anatomy of Work 2022

Hi all,

I’m excited to announce that we just published the Anatomy of Work 2022!

The uncertainty of the past two years has created a clash of work cultures, but leaders can transform this rare moment into a profound opportunity.

In this report, we surveyed 10,624 global employees to learn what’s working—and what’s not—in their organizations. We found that:

  • 49% of workers see the office as a social space, while 41% feel more isolated when working remotely
  • The majority of workers spend 27% more time on skilled work—but nearly 36% less time on strategy year over year
  • Workers spend 58% of the workday on work about work while managers lose 62% of their work days on work about work

These are just a few highlights! Download the full report here!

Social Skilled Work



This report is amazing - thank you. As my team evaluates how we can focus more of our time on meaningful work, it’s going to be very helpful to assess, “Are we working on ‘work about work’, or are we structuring and supporting efficiencies for ourselves and our teams so that we can spend more time on our skilled and strategic tasks?”


My company already pays for a corporate account. How can I get this without having to fill in the “sales contact form”? I really don’t need to sign up for junk emails when we already pay you for access.

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Hi @Marie , do you know if it would be possible to have the original questionnaire used to gather the numbers that made the AoW22?

I would be interested in making an internal survey to see where we stand compared with the data in the report and prioritize some of the actions and ideas that you propose in the report.



Wow truely good

I’ve filled out the download form a few times but am still not receiving the report (I’ve checked spam and everything too). Anyone else having this issue? I’m so eager to read it!

My partner @Julien_RENAUD requested an ebook about goals and never received it either!