Email-to-Task From Another Domain?

My CEO uses a catch-all email address that is on a different domain than the company domain we have associated with our organization’s Asana account. Because this would only give him read-only / comment access to projects, I signed him up with his company email address to have full user permissions to create/assign tasks. He never uses his company email, which automatically forwards all inbound emails to his catch-all email address on the other domain.

The problem I am having is that because he uses this catch-all email address/domain as his primarily send-from address, he can’t take advantage of email-to-task feature in Asana as it doesn’t recognize this send-from address. He doesn’t even have his company email setup in Outlook and he really doesn’t want to manage multiple inboxes.

I know this is a somewhat unique use case, so I appreciate any insight or suggestions here.


In his Profile he can add to and from email addresses and direct those to the relevant organisation.

Hope that helps.



Thank you! This was exactly what I was looking for!