Is it possible to create tasks from an email that does not have an Asana account?

I am wondering if there is a way to send emails from an email account that does not have an account in our Asana Organization.

For example, can we send emails from, have it create a task in a Project, without the being a user in Asana?

Is there a way to authorize that company email to create tasks without having to pay for an account just to be able to create tasks?

Not that I know of, maybe the solution is to use Zapier to say something like “if email sent from my address to THEN create an Asana task”. The task creation by email will fail (Asana does not know you) but Zapier will still pick it up.

PS: I do not know if this trigger exist in Zapier, that would depend on your email provider

You could also rely on someone else’s email → instead of emailing Asana you email “” with a special hashtag in the subject line, that would automatically forward to Asana and archive the email through rules (in Gmail for example :person_shrugging: )


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