Linking Asana Organization Domains with emails used for Slack

Hi Everyone! I’m getting my team set up on Asana to use with our Slack. Most of our slack accounts are set up using our personal email, and not the company email / domain. Our Asana is set up with the company domain emails.

Is there a way to link our personal email to the Asana work domain email address, so that when we want to set up an Asana task from slack (using the 3 dots on the side - see image), it can be assigned to the right person in Asana?



Hi @Gabby, thanks for reaching out!

In order to create Asana tasks via the Slack integration, you do need to use the same email address on both platforms, i.e., your Slack must be set up with your Organisation email address from Asana.

Only one private domain can be associated with an Organization in Asana, so it would not be possible to add your personal email domain to your Organization.

I hope this helps to clarify! :slight_smile:

Thanks Rebecca! That’s super helpful.

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