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Hi there. May I ask for assistance on how I can execute this goal/aim in Asana? Our objective is to receive email notifications/reminders from Asana when a specific SUBTASK from a template remain unchecked after a certain period.

In our template, we have a sequence of subtasks. For instance, if the 5th subtask remains unchecked after 2 weeks, we’d like to be notified via email or Slack. Any method that ensures we receive notifications.

Could you please suggest any methods for implementing this, perhaps using Rules or other approaches? Your guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Your best chance is to have a due date on that task and a rule saying “due date is approaching > task is due today (or overdue) > post in Slack”. Make sure your rule applies to tasks and subtasks. If you want this rule specifically for this very specific subtasks, you’ll need an additional filter on a custom field value. Does it help?

Hi @Bastien_Siebman, I appreciate your assistance on this.

I have tried to follow your suggestion however It doesn’t allow me to select the option “Run on tasks and subtasks” when selecting the trigger “Due date is approaching.”
Run on Tasks

Can you suggest another way to achieve the objective mentioned above while applying the rule to all subtasks?

I understand your 2nd suggestion to use additional custom field value and I will try to explore that.

Thank you so much!

This was my only trick. I forgot this trigger doesn’t work on subtasks. So either stop using subtasks (there are ways to replace subtasks) or make sure they are multi-homed in another project, as tasks, where the rule lives. @Richard_Sather any other tip?

Yup, I would suggest the same. Have a rule to multi-home all tasks and subtasks into a sister project X, where subtasks appear as parent tasks and have the rule with the trigger ‘if task is overdue…’ run in that project.

And make that project X private to just you, no need to make it visible or accessible to anyone else; the rule will always fire anyway.

Appreciate this idea. So basically even if I converted the Task from Project X into a subtask to Project Y, the rule would still work as intended, right? Thanks

Not quite, @Gabriel_Maureen_Cri1 . You don’t need to convert the task to a subtask.

Instead, you need to multi-home the subtask (add it to another project), so it become a normal task. See this article. To multi-home a subtask you need to click into it (form the bubble icon) and then either use TAB+P on your keyboard or from the ... action menu.

But you would automate all this by creating a custom rule in your project, as such:

Then in the other project (where all your subtasks will become normal tasks) you would have a rule like this:

Thank you for your suggestion @Richard_Sather . However, it seems that it may not fully align with the objective I have in mind, as detailed above. here: “Our objective is to receive email notifications/reminders from Asana when a specific SUBTASK from a template remains unchecked after a certain period.”

The issue is that when I multi-home a task or a subtask, it appears as another task in a different project rather than remaining as a subtask.

The thing is, I created a task template in a project with step-by-step/in-order subtasks. Some of these tasks need deadlines and rules to send emails when the due date is approaching. Is achieving this goal possible with the suggestion you m
entioned earlier? Will the rule still work if I converted the task into a subtask for another project?

Thank you for your assistance!

Another option would be to use the rules feature of our Flowsana integration, as our rules have the option to run on subtasks only.

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