Email notifications from rules run in projects I am no longer a part of


I’m looking for a way to unsubscribe from email notifications I am receiving based on rules I created within different team projects. The rule set up was “IF” form received “AND” it was assigned to _____ “THEN” create a comment with @personname to notify them via email.

I removed myself completely from the projects after creating the rules for our team members as the specific notifications do not apply to my work. But I get an email now every time the rule is run successfully and the team member has been notified. How do I remove this?


@AmyPeters, Can you check if you are a Collaborator on one of these tasks? That would explain your getting a notification (and an email if “Activity” checkbox is set in Profile image > My settings > Notifications > Email).

Sometimes projects created from custom project templates have leftover Collaborators for tasks that cause this.




Thanks Larry. It looks like you were right and I was added as collaborator on the task. I’ll make this adjustment and we should be good to go!

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