Email aliases

Hello there

For email forwarding, I’ve added a few emails - some of these are using a sub domain of a main Google domain. The problem is that Asana continues to not recognise any emails coming from the alias emails and therefore doesn’t add them to any board or project. Customer support said it’s a SPF records issue but this has been verified for both the main domain and the sub domain. Yet, still getting the same errors and its making me consider moving from Asana to another platform since emails aren’t being logged in Asana. Any ideas on what can be done to fix this?

HI @Aman_Merchant, I’m afraid there is no way around this, you will need to link your aliases to your Asana account if you want to be able to forward your emails to Asana. Alternatively, you could look into using our the Gmail add-on to convert your email into Asana tasks directly from your email.

Thanks. I have linked the aliases, unfortunately Asana doesn’t recognise those aliases, and Asana customer support said its a SPF records issue, which it’s not, since we have checked all SPF records and they’re working fine.

Separately, do tasks get associated with specific contacts automatically or it has to be done manually?

Hope this helps!

Hi Marie, this is the issue …

I am sending the message from my email to the 3rd party but its not getting recognised as a task since Asana is not recognising the email alias. And for that same reason, I can’t use the Gmail Add-On.