Easy clone for subtasks?

Is there an easy way to create several identical subtasks at the same time?

A common use case on my team is asking multiple people to do the same thing - like review a document, add to a report, prepare for a meeting, etc.

With email, we would just send an email with the request and CC all the people involved. But we don’t want to use email, we want to use Asana. So we create a task with the request, and then add a subtask assigned to each person, so that each person will get a reminder in their “My Tasks” to do it.

Unfortunately I’m finding it to be clunky and time consuming to make these subtasks. Creating say 12 sub tasks and cut and pasting the same info for each for 12 different people is a lot slower than cc’ing 12 people in an email. Anyone have any tips for dealing with this? Thanks in advance!

Yes, @Nathan2 – I think this is what you’re looking for:



Thank you! What a great tip. I didn’t know subtasks could do that if you drilled down a level into the subtask, that works well.


We basically do the same thing. We handle this by making one task with a meeting agenda (the task is recurring in some cases, newly generated from a task “template” in others) and having all stake holders collaborators of the parent task. This is a template that we just duplicate each time. Then, for meetings that require stake holders to add to the agenda ahead of time (and by a certain due date/time, optionally), we have subtasks assigned to each of those stake holders, and they even can have dependencies. For example, maybe person 1 can’t add their agenda items until person 2 has. It works for us.