Duplicating a task and its subtasks with relative end dates

Hi, I have this scenario:
I have a task with subtasks.
When I duplicate the main task (with its subtasks), I would like the subtasks end dates to be relative to the new main task.
Do you think that possible?

@Patrick_EMIN I am not aware of any feature in Asana to do this but there may be some other resources to look at.

  1. Check with @Phil_Seeman and his integration to see if he can be of any help.
  2. Consider a CSV Import of the task and subtasks. https://asana.com/apps/csv-importer
  3. If you do a CSV import you can write your logic in Excel to accomplish what you need. I posted an example of this some time ago. Import With Dynamic Due Dates
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Yes good idea, as I don’t have to that often, that could be a solution.