Dependent Tasks (not quite) replicated in Basic Asana

Hello All, first post here as a single-person freelance user of Asana!

Until I can afford to upgrade (or Asana offer a single seat monthly option) I’m trying to extract as much out of my Basic account as possible… I wonder if anyone else uses sub-tasks in the following way and if not perhaps they may find it useful.

As I don’t have access to task dependencies, I create a Task with a Due date so it appears in the Calendar. I then create sub-tasks that have to be done beforehand and in sequence. The sub tasks are dated before the Due Date of the main tasks. In my Calendar I see a number of tasks now leading up to the final deadline. If I have a repetitive task with the same number of stages (writing a blog for example) I can create a template task with all the subtasks already written (research, first draft, second draft, delivery etc)

Let me know if you already do this, or if it works for you, or you have a better idea.


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Seems like a good idea indeed. The main task could also mention the blocking tasks in the description…

I never think to do that but now I will definitely try it.

Thanks Bastien, I’ve read a number of your posts over the years so high praise indeed!

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