"Due within the next" Not Working?


“Due within the next 0 days” shows no tasks even though there are 4 tasks due today.
“Due within the next 1 days” shows no tasks even though there is 1 task due tomorrow.
“Due within the next 7 days” shows 2 overdue, 4 for today, 1 for tomorrow, etc. (works well).

Why do I get no results for 0 days and 1 day? What am I missing?

Thank you!


Those searches should be working for you, I just tested them.

It’s perhaps (other than just being a bug for you) where you’re searching? If that’s the only parameter for the search then it should count any and all tasks you can see/have access to. It wouldn’t return searches for projects/teams/tasks that are hidden/private from you.


Searching on my computer in the search box.

What I find weird is that I see the tasks I’m looking for in the Next 7 Days view and they clearly marked as due today/tomorrow, but when I search Next 1 Day, they won’t show up…


That definitely sounds like a bug, perhaps @Alexis can weigh in.


This is indeed a bug and we’re aware of it. Apologies for the inconvenience. Thanks for checking in!