Ability to create a report of tasks Due Date Within the Next 0 Days

I use advanced search and filters tasks with due date today (it doesn’t have ‘today’ option, just date).

So when I come back again with that report the next day, it doesn’t filter out today’s tasks. Is there a way to automatically save a report with all tasks due today?

Looks like “Due Date Within the last 0 days” might work for you…

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Hi @Leonarce!

Echoing what Bastien said, I would recommend this query! :slight_smile:

Thanks Marie, I understand that the screenshot is to filter out tasks with due date of 12 Sep. However if I save it and re run it again tomorrow it won’t list down task with today’s due date anymore.

Indeed, it is possible that my suggestion works whatever the day. I am not sure though :thinking:

My apologies, I wanted to illustrate @Bastien_Siebman idea and got mixed up! So here is the screenshot I meant to share

Note that this will also return overdue tasks!


Hi I found this topic because I googled for the exact same thing as the topic starter wanted. The solution is simple and sweet, but in my case I can only enter -1 or 1 and zero just doesn’t work. Any thoughts?

The easiest way is to upgrade from free plan to premium

There is a single button to do just that.

I didn’t find the ‘task due today’ in another workspace which has free plan :upside_down_face:


So I recently upgraded from a free to premium subscription for my team.

Screenshot (2)

As you can see in the image I don’t see the option that you see. How can I activate it?

That’s Odd. I’m sorry I think it’s a manually created report named ‘Task Due Today’. I remembered I asked somewhere in this forum before. Let me get back to you once I found the solution

Awesome, thanks for your help!

Hey Leonarce,

Was just wondering if you had any update?

Hi Richard, unfortunately no… I’m also looking for this solution, but rite now, what I can do is go to each project and click on the due date and sort them manually, a bit tedious but if someone find a better workaround that would be helpful

Hello! The solution is very simple! Click refine search, set the new desired criteria, then click “save report”. Then you will be able to rename the report and it will appear in your sidebar.

@Marie (or anyone), as @Leonarce has mentioned, the current version of Asana does not allow a zero (0) for Due Date Within the Next __ Days. Furthermore, the report Due Date Within the Next 1 Days includes all overdue tasks.

A report that shows tasks due today (i.e. that will be “today” every time it is run) would be quite useful. Is there any way to do this? If not, can this be entered as a enhancement request?

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Hi @Kermit_Goodman! we posted an update about this recently:

Our team is looking into the possibility to implement this feature in the future but in the meantime, I’m moving this thread to the #productfeedback category to allow votes!

Fundamental requirement really.!

+1 for a basic due today filter in advanced search (particularly since Asana has removed filter by Today, Upcoming, Later) :weary:

Hi @Emily_Roman . Does Asana have any updates on this please? This is a basic feature requirement. I’d like to have various saved reports that show me (amongst other filters) my tasks due today. Thanks.

Hi @Tim_Jasper, I’m afraid I don’t have updates to share at the moment but we’ll make sure to keep this thread updated as soon as we have any news!

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