Drop Down option for second level of Subtasks on List

I would love to be able to expand not just the first tier of subtasks in List View.

Hi @Pamela_Harasyn, thanks for sharing your feedback with us! We already have a thread on this feature so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with Drop Down option for second level of Subtasks on List to centralize feedback!


Thanks for merging these, Emily. Do you know if this is in the works? Do you plan a fancy rollout planned that would include this feature?

Currently, it is possible to collapse and expand top-level tasks to display their corresponding subtasks.
For me it would be a great advantage to be able to expand subtasks, and their subtasks and so. The possibility to display the whole hierarchy in one tree would be much clearer in my opinion as opposed to clicking on one subtask’s ‘details’ to see it’s subtasks.

I hope my request is clear and wonder if people agree with me. Please let me know if this request is a duplicate.

Thanks for your feedback, @anon11082991! We already have a thread on this topic so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with Drop Down option for second level of Subtasks on List to consolidate feedback!

Any update on this? Seems to be a pretty basic feature. I have Themes, Epics, Stories, Tasks, and it is impossible to see with only one level.


Hello any updates ? I’m looking forward :slight_smile:

+1 on this! It’s very annoying having to enter the subtask to see the subsubtasks under it. Please implement this one :pray:t2::pray:t2:


on the list view it is possible to collapse /expand the subtasks within a task, but this is not longer an option with subtasks within a subtask.

To track the set up of our campaigns i have a task for each campaign, with subtasks with the different steps of the process and a set of subtasks within each step with everything that involves this action. It is pretty annoying having to enter on the subtask to see the set of subtasks within, so at the end i have to opt for not having a second layer of subtasks but only one, to avoid navigation, which results in an endless long of subtasks within the task. Any chance this could be implemented?

Sorry if this question is already asked, I tried to search but I did not find it. Thanks!


Hello @Mai_SB, welcome to the community :tada:

Have a look here: Feature Request: Collapsible Sub-tasks
this seems to be what you are looking for as Chase also mentions „ they too should be collapsible“?

And I recommend to upvote here too: Ability to expand/contract all subtasks in task list at once

And here are also more links to threads related to subtasks.

Does that help?

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Thanks @Andrea_Mayer ! I think indeed he means the same even if it’s not 100% clear because he mentioned a couple of different things, but I have upvoted him just in case :blush: thanks for the help!

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@Andrea_Mayer i have been browsing through one of the threads you provided and have found a feature request for exactly this :partying_face:: Drop Down option for second level of Subtasks on List - #22 by JavierHSAP

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Perfect yes exactly

@Rebecca_McGrath you might wanna merge this and the other one into the thread about the same topic that has the most votes so far.


@Mai_SB As a rule of thumb try to avoid subtasks inside subtasks as much as possible. I don’t know the entire setup you have but my feeling is that each campaign you mention could benefit from being a project on its own… Don’t be afraid to have too many projects, be afraid to have too many levels of subtasks.


thanks @Bastien_Siebman for the input! All these campaigns are already projects of their own where multiple teams work in. The above mentioned tasks per campaign with sub-tasks and sub-sub-tasks are part of a project for my dept to be able to track progress of all projects in a centralised way. I go marking sub-tasks and sub-subtasks as completed as things are getting done, this allows me to know at a quick glance which steps have been accomplished and where we are at on the set up process of each campaign :slight_smile:

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@Mai_SB did they ever get that function completed to view subtasks of a subtask with an expansion button in the list view like your question above is? I am running into the same issue here with my Asana board. Thanks

Hi @Wayne_Gabriel unfortunately this feature is not implemented yet but I suggest you vote on the top of this thread to show your support for this idea and hopefully in the future they will consider it :slight_smile:

It got merged into this thread, but I feel it deserves to be pulled out separate,

what about Subtasks able to be viewed in Timeline view - as mentioned by _Flow above.

Having the timeline view for subtasks would allow for easier date movement and dependency setting.

Hi, bumping here as well.

I’m working now on a report that need task status for sub / sub / tasks, as they are inherited from other projects.

It’s been quite a while since people have posted about this, and I’d like to throw my hat in the ring and say how much I want to see this feature. Any updates from the Asana team?