Dragging and Dropping Sub Task into parent task causes strange UI + API returns task more than once

Hi, feel free to look at my test project here

Steps to reproduce:
Expand out task 2 No Section but with subtasks
drag and drop 2-11 asdf under section 16.2

Note, if you then do the same drag and drop a second time, it ‘fixes itself’
NOTE: the API returns the task twice when doing ‘get tasks’ from sections and get tasks from task… the API really thinks this task is in two places on the same project, something I thought wasn’t allowed, am I wrong?

Browser version:
Firefox 70.0.1

Upload screenshots below:

Hi @Adam_Dudley and thank you for reaching out and for sharing the screencast. It is very helpful to understand the issue.

This is actually not a Bug rather the expected behaviour. Let me give you some context here to explain you this behaviour.

As it stands, subtasks do not automatically inherit the project from their parent tasks. To do so, you will need to manually add the subtask to a project (you can learn more about it in the following Guide article. One of the ways to do it, is to drag and drop the subtask to any section of the Project (as you have done).

Once you do that, the subtask will appear in your project’s task list, Project Calendar and Project Timeline function like independent tasks with all the same fields as a parent task, with the difference that they are also embedded within a parent task. Reason why you are seen it in both nested in the Parent Task and under the Section where it belongs.

When viewing a subtask’s details, you can identify the parent task’s name above the subtask’s name and the project and section where is nested.

You can read more about subtasks in this handy article: https://asana.com/guide/help/tasks/subtasks

I’m sorry for the confusion and I hope this helps! But please, let me know if you have any follow-up question! I’ll be more than happy to help!

thanks for getting back to me, ok so i’ll need to take into account a task belonging to a project more than once.

Although this sounds very complicated, and I’m not sure what the use case of this feature is for ‘average’ users.

But thanks for confirming.

Hi Adam,

Just to be clear and precise (mostly since you mentioned the API so I figure you’re considering the underlying data model), from a data model perspective, the task does not belong to the project more than once. What you’re seeing in the Asana web app is strictly a UI-level manifestation. And in the API, while I’m not sure exactly which endpoints you’re querying, if you’re seeing the task in two different endpoint results, then it’s just that you’re asking for it in two different ways, so to speak. (We can definitely discuss the API ramifications further, if you want to specify the endpoints you’re using and where your confusion lies, but that’s probably best done in a separate thread in the “Developers & API” section.)

Mostly I’m just wanting to help you have the proper mental mapping of the data model, if that’s helpful!