Drag-Select Highlight Feature removed?

Is the Drag-Select Feature removed? Or is this a bug and not currently working as before?
I can no longer click and drag multiple tasks to highlight them to either mass edit or move. The workaround for this would be to hold the SHIFT key and select the tasks you want to highlight.
I find myself accidentally clicking and dragging to highlight tasks, rather I am now moving tasks to new sections by accident. Can this be reverted?

Hey @Steven_Arnold, it looks like this is part of our experiment. We’ve extended the area on a task to allow for drag and drop to the blank area next to a task title. It’s still possible to highlight multiple tasks by clicking and dragging, but the area for this has been reduced to the task title. Can you check if that works for you?

Hi @Vanessa_N, ah yes, I found the hitbox for this. Thank you for the information. It would almost be kinda cool/beneficial to have a line break that highlights half-way on the task itself that you’re able to either drag and move, or drag and highlight. So it makes it more obvious.

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Thanks for the feedback, @Steven_Arnold. That makes sense! I’ve passed your message along to our Team responsible for the experiment :slight_smile:

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Thank you! @Vanessa_N

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