download csv and convert in excel

we are working a large set of projects and we feel the need to download a view of some of them, for instance only tasks of a certain owner.

is this feature already available? Am I loosing something?

Hey @Maurizio_Yorck

can you please explain in a bit more detail on what you are trying to achieve?

As Asana has Portfolio and Report feature for example.

Or let‘s say you want to see a specific set of tasks separately have you tried to tag them under a special project to have all organized there?
You can always multi home tasks under more projects.

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First we have the premium subscription which does not include the Portfolio feature.
We are still evaluating whether Asana is the right product for us, but we are seeing a lot of limitations, and it is difficult to get technical support.
Furthermore, the proposals that I read in the formum are always workarounds that generate a lot of “noise” by creating continuous projects to partially reach what is needed.
However Asana does not allow the download in EXCEL (NO CSV of the entire project) this is certain. a necessary and now standard function in every software.
Example: I look for tasks assigned to a certain resource, or that are in a certain state. In Asana I get a “view” of those tasks, right, but, for each result I always have to go to details to check the values ​​of my interest, and I can’t get neither a customized view nor a direct download in excel, to manipulate that data according to my needs.
Let me know if it is clear and if you are thinking of making this feature in a short time.

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Hi @Maurizio_Yorck
Have you tried using “advanced search”?
Once the search is sat up, you can save it as “Saved search” to easily get access to it whenever you need. And you can download a csv file of that search (not an excel for the moment).

You can customize the view as you want, the search can filter by assignee, or custom fields, … it’s very powerful :+1:


Hi @Julien_RENAUD consider that we have PREMIUM version, and we are still evaluating if ASANA is the right software for us.
I’ve tried advanced search, but I’m not getting what I want.

  1. The search fields (at least in PREMIUM) are limited, and perhaps to get a certain set right away, I will have to add “labels” to define my set, but I have many records to act on …
  2. If I choose to add filters, I don’t see all the custom fields, but only one among many and I don’t understand why?
  3. Having obtained the view, I have no evidence of the fields of my interest, and I always have to click on details to read the content, for each record.
  4. I don’t have the possibility to specify the result fields of my search, I always have only: Task, assignee, due date, project, label.
    If I want to get a view name, surname, code, work start date, amount due, I can’t do it.
  5. the CSV download brings with it all the values, including subtasks, descriptions, notes, other sometimes making it complicated or impossible to use. If I have too many records the file is truncated in the excel conversion.
    Understand that it always takes too long to process a view and present it. We need a more smart and easy function.
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Hello @Julien_RENAUD
I think I have partially solved this problem.

  1. To carry out an advanced search, using custom fields, these must be created as team fields.
  2. in this way the result can be a view with only the necessary fields.
  3. The download in CSV and then the transformation into EXCEL happens correctly if in the DECRIPTION or TEXT fields in general, there are no special characters such as (enter, superscript, commas, etc.) otherwise it is truncated when encountered.
    This problem should be resolved somewhat via ASANA, by clearing the text fields when the download is made.
    IT WOULD BE GOOD TO HAVE ALSO A PDF PRINT that is not the CVS but the graphic formatting of what you see on the screen.


For that and perhaps other aspects of what you’re looking for, have you tried Asana2Go (disclaimer: I’m the creator):

It has many standard reports that you might find useful.

Re output similar to Asana, see Milestones are supported in Asana2Go (which just surpassed 5000 weekly users!)


shows you all tasks’ custom field values.




Great solution. thanks it working.

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@lpb I have another question, I don’t know if you can help me.
I have same text field (such as description and other custom field) with formatting text containg special characters (enter, comma, or other).
In this case the CSV export generates new unrecognized records.
My test for now, is focused on the transformation of this CSV in Excel, which truncates the contents when it finds an enter character or comma…
eg. I have 1000 records, I get 10 (as soon as it finds enter)
Do you know this problem? Any suggestions ?


I created a task with name “testing,” and exported to a CSV file with Asana2Go and opened in Excel and it imported fine, because I enclose all fields in quotes (and I may have taken other steps to escape, but can’t recall offhand).

Are you asking about exporting from Asana or from Asana2Go?

@LEGGO is the CSV/Asana expert so I’m pinging him and I bet he’ll have some good info.



thanks @lpb, I’ll try with Asana2Go too, but it’s a workaround. It should be better to have all in asana.
the export need to be sure for a backup. Thansk @LEGGO if you can help me.

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@LEGGO just an example:

@Maurizio_Yorck can you send a copy of a raw export from Asana to my email? I’ll DM you. I’ve seen this in the past but don’t recall exactly what needed to be done. I should be able to figure it out if I was able to work with what you are seeing.

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After reviewing and attempting to recreate this issues, I’m noticing some unusual behavior that I can’t replicate. You might follow the steps in this link to notify Customer Support: How to contact our Support Team ✉

Happy to continue to assist but I’m afraid there are some things happening here that we can’t control or influence :frowning:

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Ok thanks.

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