Download Asana Desktop app from the Microsoft Store in Windows

I don’t see the Asana app on the Microsoft Store. I looked for older posts but I don’t see nothing about this.
You know if it’s going to be available? Will be very good so the app could be installed with Intune in an easy way. Also would be compatible with Microsoft Defender Application Control. If I turn on this feature, the app it’s blocked by Defender.
Thank you.

Hey @anon40753528

The Asana app is available for Microsoft Outlook, so you will have to download it directly from the Outlook marketplace. Please see the link below:

To answer your second half the question, as long as the browser you’re using to access Asana is whitelisted by your IT admin, it should be compatible with MDAC.

Hi @anon40753528 , welcome to the forum :smiley:

I think you are referring to the Asana Desktop App which unfortunately is not available on Windows’ native Microsoft Store.

Currently, you can only download the Asana Desktop App directly from the Asana website, here: Download the Asana App for Mobile and Desktop • Asana

I have moved your topic to the Product feedback section and renamed your topic title slightly so you can vote to have it added to the Microsoft store.

A windows store app for the asana desktop app would be useful to have in my company’s environment. Upvoted.