Don't prompt for which Google Account to use for every single file attachment

Every time I go to attach a file from Google Drive, I have to re-pick which Google Account I want to use. There are two things wrong here:

  1. I’ve logged into Asana with a Google Account. Google oAuth allows ‘hinting’ a specific user account to use, and it makes sense that if i’ve logged into Asana with a particular G-Suite account, then that’s probably the one I want to use for google Drive.

  2. Even if that were not the case, most apps that integrate with Drive store the Google Account oAuth token, and just re-use that, rather than prompting over and over and over to pick which google login to connect with. This is a much better option.

NB: If this seems like a limitation, you can always include a ‘use a different google account’ option in the Google Drive file-picker header, that redirects down the account selection path currently used. You would probably want to store the Google Drive oAuth token per Asana organisation, so switching Orgs also switches default Google Drive to present.

nb: See also Google Drive File Picker which is a much bigger problem.


Came here to write just this. Thanks, Justin.


I’m facing the same issue, it’s really annoying to have to select which google account I want to use every time I attach a file in Asana. It’d be great if Asana could address this!


987 views. only 22 votes? C’mon people.

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Hey @Lisa_Peterson, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

No worries if not everybody has voted. When Asana checks popular user requests they also take into consideration how many views a request has.

Awesome. Good to know.

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