Google drive keeps asking to log in

I have 2 google accounts and 2 matching asana accounts, so tend to switch between them at times.

when i want to attach a google drive file, EVERY TIME I’m asked to log back into google drive, even though i’m already logged into asana via one of the accounts.

it there a way to prevent this? is there a way to associate the correct drive account to the asana account? or does asana just have problems with multiple google accounts?


I don’t think this is a problem related to multiple drives. Unless there’s a workaround I’m unaware of:

  • The “log-in before every upload” requirement exists even if you’re using the same drive account every time. If you’re logged into asana with your gmail account and are logged into your google account (say, with gmail on a separate tab), the authentication should take one click and less than a second.
  • Logging into asana with google account: "" doesn’t automatically give you access to the gdrive associated with account ""
  • There currently is no option to make google drive remember that you approved the linkage between the accounts. Therefore, you need to log in every time.

Potential (but not ideal) solution:
I directly paste links to gdrive folders or files into asana instead of uploading from drive. For most situations, this should work well. This solution falls down if there are people in your asana organization that don’t have email addresses in your drive’s domain. (so "" tries to use a link to a gdrive file owned by someone "")


+1 to Geoff’'s request. It’s a small thing but I like the cleanliness of the drive direct API links and it is annoying to have to keep clicking into the account associated with the docs I want to attach. Feature request??


I want to add to the requests that Asana can keep track of my google drive authentication so I don’t have to log in every time I want to attach a file!


The fact that this is still an issue 2 years after this was posted is a bit ridiculous. It takes our team extra time to login every time we want to upload a file. There has to be a better option here by now?


+1 - It would be nice to have it cookie the authentication.