Does not transfer to the application after clicking on the notification

Upon receiving an Asana push notification on my PC, clicking on said notification doesn’t take me anywhere to the Asana Desktop application. It doesn’t open up the application.

Steps to reproduce:

Get an Asana push notification, click on it. Notification is close.

Not a browser version. Windows 11 Pro app. Asana version 2.1.0

No screenshot.

Steps to reproduce:

  • recieve notofocation
  • open Windows 11 notification center
  • click to notification from Asana
  • notification closed after click and doesn’t transfer to the app

Hi @Vlad_Miachin, and apologies for the delay in responding. Could you please delete and re-install the app? Let me know if this doesn’t resolve your issue.

Hi @Vlad_Miachin, are you still experiencing this issue?

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