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Hello All-- I am relatively new to Asana so forgive me if this is a rudimentary question. I have been asked by our faculty team to create an online resource for all of the documents that get used in our workshops and programs. We created a task to upload all of the docs and they are now listed as files in that completed task. However it’s not easy to find. If I create a faculty team, is there a way to store documents connected to that team?

Adding to this we don’t have Asana business. I would like to make a case to upgrade, particularly since I think we will qualify for the non-profit discount. Is this capability available without business. What does the portfolio option allow us to do vis a vis document sharing? Thanks in advance for your help!

Document management is really not easy in Asana, I’d suggest you use Google Drive or an equivalent…

Which one? Upload documents? Yes.

Nothing, completely unrelated. Portfolios group projects and give you an overview.

Hope that helps!


A good solution for creating your online resource in Asana is: One file per task.

Make the task name be the title of the document. Put as much extra info in that task as you like, perhaps an abstract or short summary in Description, maybe even the content headings as subtasks. Use the paperclip icon to attach the file, ideally using one of the file share options like Google Drive so you get a link to the doc, effectively.

You can now organize your set of tasks (which each represent a document) using all the power of Asana–multihoming to multiple projects, tagging, etc., so that your online resource will be richer than storing your document in a file system or even Google Drive or similar alone.

Re making a case for Business, in your situation maybe the flexible Forms feature (more comprehensive in Business but available in Premium) would be helpful allowing others to upload attachments of documents as an alternate way to get files into your online resource.

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