Do I Lose the Portfolios if I Take Too Long to Subscribe After Trial?

I have been using Asana in fascination with all the features it has, in fact I really worked on setting up lots of Portfolios and Projects when running the Free Business Trial.

I did however get a bit ahead of myself because the trial period expired some weeks ago, and I still am sorting a few things with the team before I purchase the Business Plan.
My question is, have I lost all my work?

I surely have no access to the Premium features now that the trial is over, but I want to know if my Portfolios, Goals, and Objectives along with other premium features I worked on will still be there when I finally upgrade for the Business Plan, or have I lost everything and would need to start creating Portfolios and setting Objectives from scratch all over again?


Welcome, @El_Cable,

All your work should be safe even though you currently don’t have access to the Business features. You will be able to just pick up where you left off once you purchase the Business plan.

You might want to contact to see if it’s possible to extend your trial a bit.


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Many thanks Larry, that’s just what I needed to know :smile:

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