Displaying completed tasks as a percentage

I’d like to select to display complete tasks as a percentage of all tasks. For example, in Column chart, the Edit Chart display, there is a dropdown for Y-axis. The only option is Task Count. Is there a way to select Y-axis to display percentage?

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You can achieve this with Portfolios, have a look here How to Get Started With Asana Portfolios | Product Guide • Asana
You require a business plan for this.

Or have a look here Tracking Task Percent Complete - #7 by lpb you can also get it done with Asana2Go

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You want to see the percentage of completion within each section?

Lets say I have 10 tasks and the three columns: to do, in progress and done. I’d like the report to generate a percentage of the tasks within those columns. For example, lets say out of the 10 total tasks for this project I have 2 tasks in the “to do” section, 2 tasks in the “in progress” section and 6 tasks in the “done” section. It would be helpful for the report to present in percentages of total work (i.e. total tasks) so it would be displayed as 20% in “to do” column, 20% in the “in progress” column and 60% in the “done” column.

@lpb anything you can help with?

Thanks, @Bastien_Siebman; @Andrea_Mayer already mentioned Asana2Go in her reply. @Jay_Thrasher may also consider Everhour extension which may show some summary info right in Board view at the top of each column; not 100% sure (ha!) it’s in percentage form, though. Also, perhaps another third-party reporting app does percentages. Would be nice for Asana reporting to offer this too!



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