Tracking Task Percent Complete

Can Asana track percentage complete (15% 25%,50%) instead of by color code (red, yellow, green)?

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You have the task completion on the Portfolio, but you will need a Business plan. I think Asana2Go from @lpb also does it…

Hi @Tonya and thanks @Bastien_Siebman,

Have a look at Asana2Go for a free (for most users and companies) and flexible solution for aggregating projects where you can represent percent complete any way you want (disclosure: I’m the creator):


Asana2Go Adds New Projects Dashboard/Roll-Up Feature (and partial relief for Asana Dashboards removal) Integrations

[image] Asana2Go now creates projects dashboards with rolled-up information from multiple projects and teams including the latest projects’ Progress Status Updates. One key use is as a substitute for some of the functionality of Asana Dashboards which will no longer be available in Asana after Portfolios is released, a new feature with a new tier/fee. But that’s only one example usage. You might need to report across multiple projects for various reasons, and A2G formats are customizable. No…


How do you do the rollup feature for progress? Do you have a video?

Yes, @Ayrinn_Sariol, a video and Medium post are both linked within the previous post:


If it’s this video, I didn’t see the instructions on the roll up, just on the overview of the tool:

Fantastic tool by the way!

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That video is a general Asana2Go overview; the video I meant is:

Thanks for the compliment!


Screen Shot 2021-03-01 at 7.42.50 PM|690x67

I don’t have the percent complete feature. Is that a premium feature? If so, if I don’t have it, does that mean I cannot view progress tracked by percentage with your tool?

Percent Complete in the example is an Asana Custom Field (Custom Fields • Asana) which is a paid feature of Asana.

You could accomplish the same thing in other ways with Asana2Go and without a paid plan, but you’d need a custom format (a service I offer or you may be able to do yourself; see the Asana2Go help).

We should continue any further discussion offline. Please feel free to reach me at the Contact page at:



@Ayrinn_Sariol you can get a list of rolled up projects with progress bars using the Table chart feature of Screenful add-on. You can learn more about the Table chart in this post:

Thanks! What is the benefit of paying for this add-in vs. Asana premium?

It all depends on your use case. The Screenful add-on can provide more customisation options compared to what Asana can provide out of the box. You can configure the exact reports you need and you can easily to share those with other stakeholders. Those people don’t even need to login to Asana or Screenful as you can share the reports with public share links. Just to give you an example of a feature you get.