Display Chart of Portfolio Health in email notification

When I use the “Chart of Portfolio Health” widget in my portfolio status update, the image does not show up in the email. Is there a work around for this to display?


I don’t know any workaround, I am guessing it was too hard/expensive for Asana to export them as images. Also those charts are dynamic, so if your email sits in your inbox for a few days, the chart might have been outdated… Sorry!

Hi @Rhonda_Cusack, thanks for sharing your feedback with us! This is currently working as expected, you would need to access Asana to see the charts. Hopefully we can implement this option in the future! I’ve gone ahead and moved this thread to the #productfeedback category.

Thank you Bastien.

Thank you Emily for the quick response.

@Emily_Roman, It would be great if you’d consider feeding back to the product team that it’s a real “gotcha” to not warn that charts won’t show up in emails, PDFs, etc.

I have to remember to tell clients about this limitation all the time.

This is one of those traps in Asana that I’m afraid is becoming more common and has made the product much more difficult to use confidently. Sometimes I find myself issuing caveats multiple times per day for features that are not fully implemented or have severe and/or unexpected limitations.

If this feature is not expected in a while, it should be accompanied with a yield icon info hoverable warning or some such indicator to avoid frustrating users.




I agree Larry. You think you are sending a nicely crafted update to your leadership team only to find out how unappealing it comes across.


Does it also apply to all the “Highlights” in project status updates?