Display all Project Templates and Owners across system?

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My apologies if I missed this somewhere, this has already been asked, or if this is the wrong section to post my question.

I am trying to identify a way to search and display all project templates throughout our entire workspace. Is this possible?

We are trying to implement some standardization and governance across our entire Asana-using system. To accomplish this, we want to ensure that all projects have a similar feel in terms of project tasks, custom fields, and layout, and appear on the same portfolios. Therfore, we want all new projects (old too, but near-impossible I’ve read) to use the same project template.

The issue is that I can’t find a way to see all templates across all Teams. I can search for the word “template” and it groups by template, but only finds objects with “template” in the title.

How are others managing system-wide objects like this? Surely with master data this large, there is someone who can touch everything (with limited access, obviously). I checked with our highest-level admin, and even he can’t see things in some teams, and can’t find a way to procure a list of templates.


Hello @Rob_Watson,

yeah so at the moment what you can do is via project creation from a template there is the project library that shows all templates from different teams/ the whole org: Using New Project Templates | Product guide • Asana Product Guide

And for every team you can see all templates on the team homepage.

The only thing is that project templates can be set private to a team so you or your org owner should ensure you get access to all in order to be able to access all templates.

I have also found this feedback request thread that might be interesting for you: Search and display a subset of library templates by a unique character string

Does that help?

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