Template management

Is there a link anywhere in the Asana interface to actually get to the templates page? Everything I’ve read just says “Search by a template’s name in the search bar in the upper right”. This is not exactly useful when someone says “I made a template, use that” and then doesn’t remember what they called it exactly or takes too long to get it to you or renamed it and forgot they did. Then you have to try and think of a template you may have once known the name of so you can search for that and then go from that search result to the templates page. You can’t even search “template” and go to the template page unless someone used that word in the name of a template.

It seems weird to have a whole page/section of functionality for managing templates to then hide it.

Hi Gina, templates live inside teams. So if you click on a team on the sidebar, you should see all the templates within that team (at the bottom).

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There is no team with templates. There are only templates on the “Templates” page, hence why I am looking for a way to go directly there.

I’m not sure what you mean by the ‘Templates page’. To find your template, click ‘View team page’ in your team and then you should see the template down near the bottom:

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