Desktop Notifications



And one more thing related to notifications. My team members much more productive when they can see count of unreaded messages for task (subtask). For the “collarobation instrument” - this is “must be” feature.


Yes Asana, we need a Notfications!


Any comments from Asana team? Or we shold move to trello to get this feature?


Hi Alex: I can’t believe that you’ve only received a handful of comments with regard to sound notifications be it on the desktop or smartphone. I rarely use Asana precisely because there are no audible reminders that a task has been scheduled. I would LOVE to be using Asana all the time, but alas, until you can trigger an alarm on my desktop Chrome (just like so many other extensions do), I may need to continue searching for a tool that works for me.

P.S. Why don’t you take this on proactively, and develop it or at the very least poll ALL your users for confirmation.


@Alexis, There’s quite a bit of interest in this idea of desktop notifications from our browsers - does Asana have any comments/updates that you know of?


Hi! I appreciate your interest here. I’m actually unable to provide specific updates on these requests. For more info I suggest you take a look at this post:


I totally agree!


I’m a bit fed up of discussing Asana tasks in a third party chat system because Asana does not have comment notification popups. Seems a bit daft really. I dont think we should “vote” on something so integral into task management, it should be prioritised by Asana.


Totally agree. It msut be a default feature in task management system in 2018


Desktop notifications through chrome and safari are essential to me as well. (the current work-around: Each team member uses Duck Tape to affix their iPhones to the upper corner of the laptop screen, notification issue solved, for now)


Ya seriously - beep beep … Though your probably not getting any of our responces because your not getting notified!


It´s about time! We are 100 people requesting it!


Any good news from asana team?


Are there really no desktop notifications?! I thought I was just missing the option. This is silly, why would you have chat functionality with no desktop notifications, surely its in dev.


I would like to vote for this feature.


Asana team, would you give answer for us about this feature?
It is really hard to use slack, skype, whatsapp and so on to communicate in real time outside asana. Please, please, please! Dont forget about unseen notifications;)


It’s a dealbreaker. Not not having it means we’re forced to use several apps for our work. It’s not something anybody would want to do. As pointed out previously notifications are essential and core to any collaboration, IRL or otherwise.


This feature please


Hey there - has anyone figured out a workaround to get desktop notifications on a windows PC? My team loves Asana, but we all struggle with having to go check for notifications. Would love a solution to get them to pop up for us!


I can’t believe this isn’t a thing in Asana… Especially with browsers being able to send push notifications these days… I would think this would be something a task app would have in day 1… Not to mention there isn’t even mobile app push notifications yet…