Desktop Asana app

Oliver you are my absolute hero. This is awesome.

Perfect – and this works in Brave Browser too! :exploding_head: :call_me_hand: Thanks Oliver_B!

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Cool trick thank you!

+1 more hero point for Olive!

Perfect, thanks for taking the time to point out this workflow. The “Fluid” solution from a web search is not elegant, but this is!

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I have build an macOS App for Asana for some years now. Can believe you guys did’nt see that?

It has some really cool (native) features – updated the App the last days some times (Workspace tabs, default workspace, TouchBar support and so on).


Saved my life

Maybe it’s time to bring iPad app to Mac? Like Jira did.

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It looks like the WWDC video introduction of Catalyst shows the Asana app icon, as seen on CNET. Considering it also shows Twitter and Twitter recently released a MacOS app, can we interpret this as an indication that Asana is working on a MacOS app enabled by Catalyst?

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I had a team of 15 people using asana and it was just not feasible workflow wise to have a browser tab constantly open. So we cancelled the plan and just switched over to Trello. to the Asana team: it honestly wouldnt cost too much for you to invest in creating a native app consider the number of existing users you already have, and the amount of revenue you’re probably making from charging plans. To have asana bill corporate and large business clients without a native mac or windows app just shows that you don’t understand your users’ needs at all.


Would love for this to happen very soon!

I don’t see any dots to my right. Can’t find anything in Chrome . browser about what you say :frowning:
Ps. There are apps in AppStore for Asana, but not offical once and they cost money. So hope native app will come. Cant have so many chrome tabs and windows open all the time.

As the original poster of this topic, I find it hilarious with every passing year to see the continued comments. (Full disclosure, we have since left Asana and keep an account for historical purposes.)

The future state of the web in 2020 is seeing many, many more sites turn to PWAs (Progressive web apps) e.g. a self-contained site that can run on any browser and can be packaged into an app that can run independently on any platform. My gut is telling me that Asana is going in this direction and we’ll eventually see an ‘install’ button on the site. This is likely (I hope) why they haven’t started a MAC app.

A good examples of a PWA web site that can be installed is (look for the ‘install’ button near the url.

And… (drumroll please) this very community site is a PWA. I bet you didn’t notice the ‘install’ button right there just like I didnt, right??

Let’s hope this is a sign for the future!

Side note-- If you go back to some of the original replies to this post where some power users offer tools that package the Asana site into a desktop app (e.g. Chromium or PWA Builder) - this is what I’m talking about. Kudos to those ahead-of-their-time posters. Apple, of course, dislikes the term ‘PWA’ and they like to call them ‘HTML5 Apps’. (Potato, Potahto IMHO.) So… we’ll likely never see an Asana PWA the Mac App store.


I’m a brand new user and this doesn’t make sense for a company of Asana’s port. If you were just starting out and knew then there was nothing in the pipeline and silence on the board, would you have kept with Asana? It’s an easy thing for us to look elsewhere before diving into Asana. The reviews for iOS apps are also not stellar. It’s perplexing and if it’s best to bolt I’d rather do it now. Thanks for any Asana insight you feel comfortable to share.


Honestly no.
This, combined with the real steep pricing of Asana business would’ve led us to one of the other dozen or so options with a native windows and mac app. (Mostly for the offline work capabilities).

I am thinking about using ever hour as well, but would really like something in my Mac menu bar as well. Does anyone on Github have a little extension made for the Mac menu bar for Everhour like the Chrome Extension?

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Fluid works beautifully for me.

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I am new to Asana. But from all of the research I have done, I am excited about starting to use it. However the only thing missing for me, is the ability to work offline. (Native Windows App) Is there any plan for this as a possibility, and if so, when will it be available?

Hi @Ramona_Woitas. Our Android and iOS apps already allow you to work offline ( and However, I’m afraid that we don’t offer an application for Windows yet, apologies for the inconvenience!

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