Desktop App date and time format


This issue is bothering me for some time now.
Found via multiple threads how to change date/time format for Asana if using browser but no luck trying to find solution if working with Asana desktop app.

So - is there any workaround for changing how date/time format is displayed in Asana Desktop app?
Tried several methods - starting from changing the region and ending with playing with additional Windows Date and regional settings. None of it works.

Main issue - due time displayed as 12-hour format not as 24-hour format.

System - Windows 10;
Asana - Basic for now;
Region/location - Europe;
Using Desktop App because I already have 3 open windows for browser each with 15-20 tabs open :slight_smile:

Hopefully will someone somehow will make sense about this.

Thank you,

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i have the same issue.
I really would like to change the time format to 24 hour.