Design Team Process - Tips and Capabilities?

Hi all,

I currently manage a design team of 2 (myself included) for a global organization with a heavy workload across multiple departments, projects, and regions.

We’re looking to improve our process in terms of how to better manage and control incoming requests from multiple users in multiple departments within the organization.

We are currently looking into upgrading asana to enable request forms and workflows. I just wanted to put a few questions out for the Asana team as well as any other users here that work in a high workload design department.

  1. What is your current process using request forms and workflows, and how has this improved / streamlined your work?

  2. Is it possible to limit the number of tasks that can be assigned to a single user in a single work day?

  3. Is it possible to force a task submitter to chose a different due date if a design user has reached this daily task limit?

  4. Is it possible to block a task submitter from assigning a task to a design user if the due date is less than 1 or 2 business weeks out?

Thanks all for your help and feedback! It is super-appreciated!

Also, is there a way to force naming conventions for task names?


Sorry but 2-3-4 + force naming conventions are not possible :sweat_smile:

Gotcha - thanks for responding!