Deleting Sections

Are you working on such an update? (Delete or complete a section without deleting the tasks.) Our boards are starting to get really cluttered.

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And What About merging two sections?

Would also like to know if you’re planning on allowing us to delete sections without deleting completed tasks within it?


I would love to see an update where I can complete or delete a section (or a column in board view, for that matter) without also deleting completed tasks – ideally complete a section/board so that the project structure is retained. The value of using sections for me is significantly reduced if I can’t complete them. Thanks!

Can’t wait for this! We are piling up sections with only completed tasks, but we don’t want to remove just the whole thing because they may contain important information and have been cross-referenced in other places.

Hi @Patrick14 and welcome to the Forum :wave:

Apologies if my post created some confusion. Before the update it was only possible to delete empty sections but with the new update you are able to delete Sections even though they contain tasks but these tasks will also be deleted. You can learn more in the following guide article:

We have two existing threads regarding Sections that you might be interested in upvoting:

Apologies again. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with! Have a great week!

Hi @Natalia, yes the archiving or completing would be what is required and what was therefore before. That is what we miss so much now. Hope it makes it into the product again.

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Closing this thread since it is now possible to delete Sections even when they contain tasks. Please be mindful of tasks multi-homed into other projects, as they will currently get deleted too! We’re looking into a way to improve this and preserve multi-homed tasks, I’ll make sure to post an update in the Forum as soon as we have a solution ready.

In the meantime, please continue adding your votes to Mark Sections as Complete (in new spreadsheet List view) and Archive a Section in a Project if you wish to support these features requests! Thanks!

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