Deleted projects are suggested when adding task to a new project

After deleting a project, when I begin adding a task to a new project, the names of deleted projects will appear. I have always gotten deletion confirmation emails for the projects.

Same as this, which was never fully addressed/answered. While it was suggested that these would disappear with time, months have gone by in some cases, with no change.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Create Project
  • Delete project
  • Attempt to add a task to a project with a similar name
  • Deleted project will appear in the suggestions

Chrome - Version 75.0.3770.142 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Upload screenshots below (note that suggesting a project multiple times comes from past deletions of projects with that name):

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Hi @Wes_F and welcome to the Forum! :wave:

Thank you for taking time to report this! I’ve gone ahead and filed a task with our development team and will keep you updated as soon as I have an update from them.

Have a great day!

Hi @Wes_F :wave:

I got an update from our Development Team and they’ve confirmed that when you add a task to a project, the deleted projects shouldn’t appear in the dropdown list . I have tested it on my end and I was not able to find any of the deleted projects I’ve recently deleted.

Could you please confirm that those suggested projects are not duplicated Projects or Template Projects?

Looking forward to your reply. Thank you for your help!

Hi Natalia,

Thanks for the follow-up. Unfortunately, I am still seeing the issue.

I’ve confirmed that the projects showing up in the suggested-projects list are not in my list of projects. I don’t know where to search for other duplicated or template projects beyond the regular project list sidebar. I also do not have the ability/option to create a template project; only a ‘save layout as default’ option in the dropdown list.

Is there a place I should be searching for ‘duplicated’ or ‘template’ projects, where I would not normally see them?

Hi @Wes_F thank you for your quick reply!

Let’s try one more thing here.

Could you please try to add a new Task to one of these deleted projects that are suggested? What is the result?
Could you also search for these projects in the Search tool and send me a screenshot with the result?

Looking forward to your reply! Thank you for your cooperation!

Hi Natalia, Thanks for the follow-up.

When I create a new task, and select the deleted project from the drop-down list, no new action occurs; the drop-down list just closes.

Nothing related to a deleted project seems to appear in the search tool at the top of the screen.

An image of a deleted project being suggested:

An Image of the deleted project not showing up in search: The covered tasks are not related to the now-deleted project.


Hi @Wes_F and thank you so much for the follow-up!

I’ve gone ahead and share your screenshots with the Development Team for them to investigate further. I’ll keep you posted as soon as I have an update! Thank you for your patience and cooperation!

Have a great week!