Deleted projects still visible when adding task to a project



Hi folks :wave:

A while ago I deleted some projects, but when I am adding a task to a project, these deleted projects still show in the dropdown list.

For example: I’ve deleted a project called “oud Thuis” and I have another project called “Thuis”. When I select a task and click on “Add to project” and type “t”, the dropdown list shows both “oud Thuis” and “Thuis”…

Extra info:

  • happens in browser (Chrome), not in mobile app
  • deleting cookies doesn’t do the trick

Does anybody know how to make these deleted project disappear all the way? :thinking:


Hi Leon,

Thanks for providing background info and letting us know this is happening. When you add a task to a project, the deleted project shouldn’t appear in the dropdown list. Have you confirmed that the project is deleted rather than archived?

For future reference, here is the Asana Guide article on project actions, which includes information about deleted projects.


Thank you Alexis! Where can I find a list of deleted / archived projects? Or how can I check what I’ve done with a deleted/archived project?


Great question! You can search for deleted tasks and projects by scrolling to the bottom half of your sidebar below the project lists, clicking recents and more, and selecting deleted items. You can also use advanced search:

Take a look at this Guide article for how to view archived projects :slight_smile:



Those options don’t seem to look for deleted Projects; only Tasks and Conversations:

  • Clicking on “Deleted Items” in the taskbar on the left shows a header that sais “Deleted Tasks and Conversations”
  • The Advanced Search also only looks for Tasks and Conversations

In neither option are my deleted projects showing.


Hi @LeonDries. That is correct. When a project is deleted the project owner will receive a notification telling them the the project has been deleted. You can learn more about deleted projects in the Asana Guide here:


That’s true, I’ve received those emails (very annoying by the way if you deleted them yourself).

So I guess we can definitely say that this is a bug. I suppose the quickest way for me to get rid of the deleted projects is to build my workspace again from scratch (possibly via export-import).


Hi @LeonDries. My apologies for the confusion. This is not a bug, rather the intended functionality. Thanks for your feedback on the emails for deleted projects. I hope that at the least they’ll provide you with the information you need to move forward.


Okay now I’m confused :sweat_smile:

What is not a bug? The “your project was deleted”-email or the still visible deleted projects?
I suppose the emails are not a bug, just an unwanted (for me at least) feature. But the still visible deleted projects are a bug, right?


Hi @LeonDries :slight_smile:

I was referring to the suggestion that the emails were a bug. To clarify, neither the [project was deleted] emails nor the the inability to see deleted projects are bugs.

In order to see deleted projects we must search our email inboxes for the [project was deleted] emails. While this isn’t an ideal workflow :sweat_smile: the silver lining is that we can still find deleted projects if we need to.


Thanks for clearing that up!

So back to the original problem: deleted projects are still visible in the dropdown list when adding a task to a project. Is there any way to solve this?
Perhaps there is a not-too-elaborate way to fully reset the personal workspace except for the tasks (without project information)?


The items that appear in the drop down are your most frequently used projects, so as time passes the deleted projects should naturally be removed from the drop down list.


Ah, thanks, so it should solve itself. How much time are we talking about?


Time frame will depend on the number of projects you use, how frequently, and the number of deleted projects in the drop down. There’s no exact science.


I can see this behavior as not desirable, In my case several months have passed since I deleted a project and I can still see it in the “Add to a project” dropdown.

Also, in my particular case, when playing first time with the app, I just tried to delete a project and then I created it again with the same name. I can now see two projects with the same name in the “Add to project” dropdown.


Just wanted to reiterate this.
In the Android app, this does not occur – within a day of deleting a project, it stops appearing in the Project dropdown when adding a new task.
On the web app, however, weeks have passed since I deleted (confirmed via email) and stopped adding tasks to projects that still show as options when adding a new task in “My Tasks,” which I prefer as it auto-assigns to me only in that context.
Particularly frustrating when one of these deleted projects shares a name with an active project (much like @Juan_Ortiz describes). I started it as a board-style, did not like the style, and had to re-create as a list-style project since there is no option to convert.