delete Task and SubTask rows

So I pasted an email into a subtask and it created 25 lines of the email. I had to individually delete the content of the 25 lines, but now the blank subtask rows will not disappear, and while in Board view the details icon says I have 25 rows of sub task. ugh.

Asana, please see all my post and reply ?

Thanks, ny

Hi @nyprosell, thanks for reaching out and sorry for the trouble! Let’s try to solve this together.

You can delete the blank tasks/subtasks using the multi-select feature. This option will allow you to remove all tasks and subtasks at once. If you still see blank tasks, please let me know!

fyi - to copy and paste an email into a task - copy and paste it to the Description within a task, otherwise if you copy and paste an email into a task/subtask, it will create a separate task for each row within the email.

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