Click creates empty task


Every time I click (even accidently) into the empty space in the task or subtask list, a new (empty) task is created. And it stays there. It can be marked as done, also. Please fix that, I have plenty of empty tasks.
Occurs on Firefox 52.0.2 (64-bit), Linux


Hi @dade
I’d recommend that you multiselect all of these blank tasks at the bottom of your project and go to the … button > Delete.

If there are a bunch of blank subtasks, too, I’d create an Advanced Search view focused on both tasks & subtasks so you can get both tasks & subtasks into one central list and multiselect to quickly delete the accident tasks and subtasks

all at once.


@Shannon_McNeil The problem is not how to delete the blank tasks. The problem is they are so easy to create in the first place, and so hard to remove (you have to select them, you have to click a … button to delete, and then you have to permanently delete).

Please think about it. If I had clicked to add a new line, but I didn’t type anything in, why would it become a real task? Worst part is, if I press Enter to add more tasks, I have to actively remember to NOT press Enter after I created my last task, lest I end up having to delete an extra blank task.

In fact, your new board view does this correctly. If I click Add and click outside the card without typing anything, the card disappears. That is the correct behavior. A card or a task should ONLY become permanently created if I have added some modification to it.

This is the single most annoying bug that makes me hate Asana whenever I have to use it.


I totally hear you! Thanks for the candid feedback. We’ll definitely pass that along.


This always happens to me. For example in the calendar view, clicking anywhere on a day creates a blank task that takes several clicks to remove. Frustrating.


This is really annoying. But deleting empty tasks is easy using these hotkeys:


This detail is actually super annoying and makes me consider using other tools.


+1 to this. Please give an option for this!


Quick update on this topic; we’re rolling out a new Auto-remove empty tasks? so you won’t have to worry anymore about tasks you create by mistake.

Marking this resolved for now, but please feel free to reach if you have any follow-up questions!